Taylor Protocols (Seattle, USA) was founded in 2011 by Lynn Taylor (shown on the left), an expert in: leadership, organisation development and business optimization. 20 years ago, he developed the Core Values Index from the desire to find the right fit for a position through objective and measurable statistics.

A shared perspective is that 20% of a company’s employees in any given role actually deliver 80% of the company’s value coming from that role. The Core Values Index is the main element from Taylor Protocols’ list of services. Our services balance the need for companies to find or reposition employees based upon their innate nature. Taylor Protocols Europe was created in 2016 to service the need of our European clients.

Starting in The Netherlands, Taylor Protocols Europe has been expanding its services throughout the European Union ever since. With the recent addition of the UK market, Taylor Protocols aims to provide its unique set of services to the established Coaching/Recruitment/Consultant industry there. 

Jan Gerritsen

Jan Gerritsen


Connector – Builder – Motivator

In my role as managing director in large international companies, I discovered that my daily activities increasingly pushed me away from what I enjoyed the most and what I was the best at. Because of this, we nowadays assist professionals in finding their unique values and qualities with the Core Value Index.
This all to ensure that these professionals can function in the best possible way. After serving in various (senior) managerial and director positions for 19 years, I started a consultancy firm in 2004. During these years I was deeply involved in the SME field of the Netherlands. Primarily active in the field of strategic consulting and organisational and personal development.

Lynn Taylor and I met in 2010 and following a few years of intensive cooperation we founded Taylor Protocols Europe in 2016. In the years since, 160 SMEs, including individual coaches and professionals, have been trained in the usage of the CVI and the associated personal and organizational development toolkit.
Taylor Protocols Europe’s goal is to spread the knowledge and utilization of the CVI throughout the European continent. To this end, we are in the process of developing our activities in the United Kingdom as well as Germany. With the CVI being translated into ever more languages, we will continue to expand our European presence.

Cora Kuiper

Cora Kuiper

Office & Relations manager - Allround Employee

Loving- Practical- Creative

I’d love to see everyone working from their innate strengths, focusing on what gives them energy and in balance with their personal/professional life. Because I work with the Core Values Index™, I am able to do just that through understanding my innate core value. I am able to better understand what activity fits with me, and which ones require me to double down on commitment. Finally, I am able to understand how to communicate with others and how they should communicate with me. All of this allows me to feel at home at my job, which allows me to be recognized for my joyful smile.

As a little girl, I already knew that I wanted to become a professional ballerina as an adult. Unfortunately, following years of blood, sweat and tears, a back injury [revented that dream from becoming a reality. I was taught an important lesson, how to keep going when you have only ever thought of achieving a single thing that is now unachievable? After a long search with various bumps in the road as well as many dead-ends, I started as a nursery teacher. Working alongside young children, assisting in their development, seemed like the perfect fit for me at that time. This was unfortunately not the case, and I quickly felt that I was lacking something in my life. 

I found that ”something” at Taylor Protocols, with the ability to pursue my own routes and finding what truly fits with me. Based on my own Core Values, I am able to focus on what I enjoy doing. My favourite people are my two children, and their father. My guilty pleasure is to secretly eat the children’s candy.

”There is no shame in falling, as long as you get up again and continue forward.”

Thijs Holtkamp

Thijs Holtkamp


Motivating- Creative- Developer

Developing companies, achieving the best results possible and creating a comfortable work environment are essential aspects to me. Through my international business studies, I gained a passion for conceptualizing and developing solutions for companies. Through that passion, I ended up at Taylor Protocols, where I found the missing link that I discovered whilst working as a Recruiter. The Core Values Index was the missing link for the disconnect between quality employees and employers.
The CVI showed me that there is an easy way to match personalities to work environment.

As marketeer at Taylor Protocols, I am primarily active creating content and discovering potential leads for the company. An important part of my activities is the streamlining of our communication plan to allow more people to easily discover their innate nature through the Core Values Index.

Aside from my work at Taylor Protocols, where I completed my Graduation assignment, I am taking part in an innovation traineeship through my university to further develop my skillset. Furthermore, personally, I develop websites, tinker with computers and I am a bit of a gamer. I like to focus my personal time on things that give me energy, such as spending time with friends and family or out in the countryside.


With the companies listed below, we cooperate intensively within Europe.

Marco Verhagen & Maarten Laros

Marco Verhagen & Maarten Laros

Bright Inc. | Organisaties

Katja Steintjes & Anne Vroegindeweij

Katja Steintjes & Anne Vroegindeweij

Talento Innato

Jolanda Waaijer

Jolanda Waaijer

Zinvol Zijn | Overheid

Harrie Brakel

Harrie Brakel

Bureau Brakel


Currently there are over 160 certified professionals and SMEs within Europe, ranging from coaches, recruiters to consultants from fields such as burn-out coaching or team development coaches to corporate recruiters.

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Taylor Protocols

Taylor Protocols Europe aims to provide insights in the individuals core strengths through the Core Values Index (CVI), leading to people’s highest contribution in an organisation or individually. Ultimately, effectively performing people will provide the organisation with an increase in productivity and profits. This all starts by understanding the individual Core Values.

Contact information

+31 (0) 53 851 71 48

Location of the European Headquarters

Taylor Protocols Europe BV
Performance Factory, Gebouw Zuid
Hoge Bothofstraat 39
7511 ZA Enschede, The Netherlands