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The Core Values Index test is more than a mere personality test, it is a unique and revolutionary psychometric that bypasses environmental influences on human personalities.This allows for an accurate readout of a person’s motivational factors and passions with regards to work or private life.  By characterizing and quantifying Maslow’s ”innate unchanging nature that causes us to want to make a unique contribution. It is that part of us that determines where we fit, where we can each make our highest and best contribution.”

It is the core of our entire service package. The CVI™ allows one to identify people’s innate nature,  which in turn allows these core values to be transformed into a representation of what types of activities or energy flow suits best with them. Subsequently, this allows you to identify in what type of environment, a person is likely to thrive in.

The Core Values Index is the only assessment that measures four innate human energies that drive performance in specific job positions.

Ideal for Coaches, Consultants and Recruiters, transform your clients or your companies by investing in human nature.

Furthermore, our services have been developed and optimized for team- and business optimization, personal development as well as career advice services. 

Even if you simply would like to know more about the ideal position that fits with a person’s nature, or if you want to use it to discover what career directions a person should choose, the CVI™ is  a powerful tool that allows you to meet these interests. With the CVI™, people discover the core aspects of their personality, and explains how one can mitigate potential shortcomings whilst allowing you to utilize your strengths more easily. Insights that are essential for both private and professional life is what the CVI™ brings.

The CVI™ gives clarity to effective collaboration based on team contributions, the CVI™ has been the key to turn around management for over 700 companies worldwide and to help them achieve increased productivity.

A CVI certification is a simple, effective method to significantly grow your practice, increase billable hours, and land more coaching jobs. The training and certification process will fully equip the coach to carry out the Best Standard Practice of Coaching with the CVI, lifting clients to higher levels of life contribution and job satisfaction.



The Core Values Index consists of four main types: Builder, Banker, Merchant and Innovator.

These four types, together, form several supportive types: practical, creative, intuitive, cognitive, cooperative and independent. 



Builders achieve results  they are direct, understand what they want to achieve and will pursue any means to achieve their goals. They prefer simple, quick and decisive measures that would allow them to follow their course of action. Preferring to keep moving, rather than to stand still and debate.
They are likely to overlook planning and preperatory phases, and as such should always be a part of a well balanced team. Find out for yourself.



Then you are likely a Merchant, a person that enjoys connecting with others and to cooperate with them. Heavily focussed on open communications and maintaining good relations with colleagues, they are the charismatic people that form the warm heart of a business.
Without such contacts, and without the warmth of a Merchant, businesses would not be able to form decent connections with partners.
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Are you a problem solver?

Innovators, you operate from reason and intuition, seeing the way things are. Asking questions and deriving the right responses, best strategies and most workable solutions. You try to understand their needs and wants. You work to nurture and support them and yourself. Your highest and best contribution can only be made in situations in which there is a significant and constant need for wisdom.
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In all likelihood, you are a Banker. You are the presence of wise knowledge in any room. You operate from reason and cognitive thinking, know the facts and work to conserve resources.
You balance your intuitive and reasoning capacity to observe what is happening around you, to question and brainstorm until you truly understand, then work to develop a right response and best strategy.
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The CVI™ | it’s more than a personality test!

Included in the package: Benefits to you:
An in-depth rapport of 17 pages, crafted specifically for you. Either available through our website or a downloadable PDF.  Full information about the ”DNA” of your personality. Personalized for you, in an easy to utilize format.  
A graphical representation of your core values and the relations between them. An easy to understand visual representation, that allows one to quickly identify strong and weak points and tie together various core aspects of your nature.  
Six supportive values, with weighted scores to underline your strengths.  Are you a creative, intuitive or independent person? How practical, socially aware or cognitive are you? Your raw, weighted scores, describe your innate nature in detail. Allowing you to more clearly identify and visualize personality traits that are best suited to you. 
In-depth description of your primary and secondary core values.  Clear and easy to understand descriptions of the components that make up your innate nature. Although lengthy, the report sticks to commonly understood language and does not delve deeply into scientific terminology. 
Recommended strategies to achieve happiness both privately and professionally.  Based on your personality, the report is able to provide you with tips specific to your core values and supportive traits that would allow you to achieve higher efficiency or simple bliss by indicating what you are ”allergic” to. 
Challenges you will face, and recommended conflict resolution strategies.  The knowledge th CVI brings allows us to recommend ways of mitigating personality based issues and allows you to understand why you jump into certain emotions in different situations.  This also allows you to anticipate your automated reactions and prepare accordingly. Ultimately, this enhances your ability to connect and cooperate with people. 


The Core Values Index™ is meant to be utilized for professional business improvement, it can also be used for personal development/growth. 

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